In solidarity with Kruščica!

9This is a story about a river. Her name is Kruščica and she runs through the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is fierce, cold, clean and free. She is the life itself.

One day, Kruščica was attacked by machines and builders who wanted to exploit it and build a hydropower plant. Women who live by the river and with the river all their lives, refused to let this happen. They built a shelter by the river where they continue to keep guard, day and night.

Police, machines, builders, investors and politicians tried to intimidate them, beat them up, force them to stop and order them to leave, but they refused. This river gives water to their village and towns around, the river is their home and their life.
In this struggle Kruščica women also fight a legal battle for their river, paying unaffordable fees and court costs.

In solidarity with the guardians of Kruščica, CRVENA begins this campaign in order to collect funds for procedural costs. This is where you can personally contribute: donating as little as 10 Euros means that they can continue their struggle against the hydropower plants.

Their river is our river too, so we need to act now!

If you are unable to contribute financially, but can offer free legal representation, or other kind of assistance, let us know.

We will be joining them on guard on the 8th of March 2018. The funds we have collected will be handed over to them

Join us! For more info, and to donate, go to this link here.

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